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Como parte de las iniciativas del Plan Fiscal certificado para el Gobierno de Puerto Rico, se presentan varios informes relacionados a las finanzas y presupuestos para mejorar la gobernanza fiscal, transparencia y los controles internos del Gobierno de Puerto Rico. / As part of the Certified Fiscal Plan of the Government of Puerto Rico, reports data regarding its finances and budget in order to improve fiscal governance, accountability, transparency, and internal controls. 


Treasury Single Account (TSA) Liquidity (Actuals vs. Liquidity Plan) - Weekly and Monthly Report - Report 1(A): Weekly and Monthly Cash Flows of major revenue and expense categories of funds that flow through the Treasury Single Account. These Cash Flows are compared against the Liquidity Plan that is established at the beginning of each fiscal year. Variances against the Liquidity Plan are explained. (Data Source: Puerto Rico Treasury Department).

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Independently Forecasted Component Unit Liquidity Report - Report 1(C): Actual cash flows of IFCUs are compared against the Liquidity Plan established at the beginning of each fiscal year. This report is published on a monthly basis and variances against the Liquidity Plan are explained. Projections of cash for the end of the fiscal year for each IFCU are shown. This report is evolving into the Budget vs Actual for each IFCU, which compares actuals against the budget approved for each IFCU instead of the Liquidity Plan. (Data Source: each Component Unit)

Payroll & Active Employees Report – Report 2(B): Data is extracted from the payroll system at the PR Treasury Department to show the amount disbursed for payroll expenses on a gross basis. It is combined with data extracted from government entities whose payroll is not run by PR Treasury Department. Additionally, a count of the number of active employees receiving a paycheck is provided. IFCU data is also included in order to provide a figure as close to the total government figure as possible. (Data Source: Puerto Rico Treasury Department).

Macroeconomic Indicators – Report 4: This report documents various Puerto Rico macroeconomic indicators compared to the previous year and to United States averages. It is produced and published on a quarterly basis. (Data Source: PR Economic Development Bank and other PR government sources)

PayGo Report - Report 6(A): Monthly report on the Pay-Go System, or direct payment of pension obligations, which lists the invoiced amount, collected amount and amount owed to the General Fund by every Public Corporation and Municipality. The list includes both the PayGo and the Individual Contributions withheld from employee payroll payments. It also presents a summary of total PayGo payments for the Central Government, Teacher and Judiciary retirees. (Data Source: Employees, Judiciary and Teachers Retirement Systems and PR Treasury Department).